Brand name fuels

Our Brand Name Fuels provide a high level of security since they come exclusively from the Wilhelmshaven Refinery. As a market partner of ARAL, we are obligated to the maintenance of a high level of quality.

These high quality fuels, subjected to continuing quality assurance controls, are delivered from our fleet of tankers directly into your own fuel storage facilities.

Our fuels, including all gasoline qualities as well as Super Diesel, are exclusively designed and refined for conditions prevailing in Wilhelmshaven and our region and contain all of the necessary additives for our prevailing conditions. We deliver the best quality fuels at an economical price!

You can depend on us to deliver what we promise.


Modern Diesel Fuel is a High-Tech Product which needs to meet the very complex requirements of a wide spectrum of uses.  Modern Diesel Engines for trucks and cars demand increasingly higher performance from the fuels powering their engines.  Some examples of these requirements include Turbo Chargers, Multi-Valve Technology and Fuel Injection. These are just a few examples of the increasingly rapidly developing technology within the realm of Diesel Engines and Fuels.

The performance characteristics of modern Diesel Fuel is determined primarily through the additives applied to the fuel. The purpose of the additives is to enhance certain positive characteristics of the Diesel Fuel, or to reduce certain other negative characteristics or to complement other fuel qualities.

Less Sulfur Means Fewer Contaminants
Through the desulfurization process not only are Sulfur elements reduced, also other undesirable components such as Polyaramites as well as Nitrogen Bound Elements leading to contamination.  The result of this desulfurization process is less Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), fewer particle emissions, reduced NOx emissions and a heightened total energy output from the Diesel Fuel.

Satisfied Customers who use us as their supplier include:

  • Transport Companies
  • Bus Operators
  • Service Stations
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Agricultural Concerns
  • Service Supply Agencies