Our own Lubrication Supply Facility insures that we are able to supply our customers with a wide range of lubricants in an efficient manner. We offer comprehensive consultation to our customers in their use of our high quality lubrication products. Especially for commercial and industrial usages, it is extremely important to establish comprehensive lubrication plans in order to reduce costs and increase the life expectancy of the relevant equipment.

..for Autos, Trucks and Construction Machinery:

You can depend on the reliability of Name Brands and Quality when using our lubrication products to service your fleet. The most modern lubrication technology insures that motors and transmissions have the least possible friction possible under all conditions of usage. This results in reduced levels of fuel consumption and is ecologically advantageous. Aside from this our engine and transmission oils insure a minimum of wear and buildup of contaminant residues.

When selecting your lubricants, be sure to emphasize the qualities of real economy and security. Utilize the advantages of our light viscosity oils for your engine and transmission requirements. These products result in lower fuel costs and reduced friction. Further, these products result in attaining the longest possible interval between oil changes for your fleet, thus increasing your profitability.

..for Agriculture:

Take advantage of our Universal Oil designed for agricultural uses,  This is a light viscosity Oil called Universal–Tractor Oil, BP Terrac Extra 10W-40 (STOU)  This one Universal Oil can be used in all of your engine,  transmission and hydraulic applications.

..for Industry:

Through our industrial lubrication products you can assure your business of the highest level of equipment reliability.

Our Recommendation for all Automobile Drivers:

Don’t try to save money by buying low cost motor oil. Modern Gasoline and Diesel Motors require

fully synthetic lubricants designed for a wide range of climate conditions, including operations under very cold conditions.  Well designed Lubricants are exemplary in their characteristics and result in fuel savings.  This is an important criterion especially in times of high energy prices.